Milos box awning

As well as its marvellous aesthetic finish, both the canvas and mechanical elements of the awning are completely protected from inclement weather, extending its useful life.

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Tasos box awning

Perfect for covering large terrace, with a length of 12 metres and a maximum four-metre projection. With maximum protection from the fabric and elegant shapes.

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Rodas 350 awning

A system with two arms below the canvas that allow ease of movement around the awning, with no obstacles, making them particularly good for businesses and balconies. They can cover up to 6 lineal metres by 3.5 metres.

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Siros monoblock awning

This model can be factory prepared with the desired tilt and arm position, cutting installation time at the home. This model is suitable for covering larger terrace, with a length of 6 metres and 4.85 projection

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