High security aluminium shutter Blockalum -39

The ideal solution for those needing high levels of security in any type of window, with its intermediate locking profile that protects the shutter against unauthorised raising. It is the perfect size for small spaces. Maximum score in wind resistance tests.

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High security aluminium shutter Blockalum 45

Its size makes it suitable for numerous installations, always with the intention of achieving high security standard. The intermediate block protects against unauthorised raising

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Minisegur-40 Aluminium security shutter

Manufactured in high quality aluminium, this model offers optimal security and gives an attractive look to the façade of any building or residence.

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Bioclim-45 aluminium security shutter

In the intermediate position, it allows light and air to flow through, while affording privacy inside. It also acts as a mosquito net with its micro-perforated slats that keep bugs out.

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SEGUR EC 60 EXTREME - Aluminium Shutter

Especially designed for areas where an extra security is required, for a high level of theft or extreme climates, resisting strong wind up to 220 km/h

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SEGUR EC 60 - Aluminium Shutter

Slats suitable for small gaps. This lightweight product is suitable for installation in small entrances and exits used by vehicles and pedestrians.

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