SEGUR EC 60 - Aluminium Shutter

Slats suitable for small gaps. This lightweight product is suitable for installation in small entrances and exits used by vehicles and pedestrians.

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SEGUR EC 60 EXTREME - Aluminium Shutter

Especially designed for areas where an extra security is required, for a high level of theft or extreme climates, resisting strong wind up to 220 km/h

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V-80 DOBLE PARED - Aluminium Shutter

Aluminium straight slat with attractive and formal character. Perfect for detached houses, garage doors and commercial places. Its straight design makes it the best choice for outdoor winding systems.

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VS-150 BLOCK 60 - EXTREME - Persiana Aluminio Autoblocante

Especially suitable for areas requiring extra security due to high burglary rates or extreme weather conditions. It can resist hurricane winds for over 220 km/h.

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V-100 MONOPARED - Aluminium Shutter

This model is suitable for large dimensions. Straight and discrete single-skin slat that gets a modern and balanced appearance.

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V-10 - Aluminium Shutter

Straight and discrete slat that gets a modern and balanced appearance.

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VS-300 BLOCK 95 - Self Blocking Aluminium Shutter

With its self-blocking intermediate rod system that exerts pressure on the guides, this is the perfect solution when very high security standards are required for businesses such as jewellers, banks and ground floor homes. An excellent choice for large openings of up to 6 metres.

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