Aluminium Box

Box for basic and traditional compact system. It offers protection to the blind cloth and also easy access to the interior for repairs, cleaning, etc.

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PVC Max Box

Available in sizes that enable superior rolling of slats, it is ideal for covering the large areas commonly found in modern architecture. Lacquered option for optimal integration with joinery.

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PVC Box Energy

For superior comfort and energy efficiency, cutting your fuel bills. The thermal transmittance rate is one of the best in the market, preventing heat and cool loss in the home or space.

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Its high thermal insulation and airtightness, as well as the fact that it is easily assembled together with the window, make it the ideal system for all those involved in the construction process.

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PVC Box Cube Passive

A box with the highest thermal insulation in the Spanish market, as well as maximum airtightness and air permeability values, which make it the best option when we are looking for maximum savings on electricity bills.

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Tunnel Box

Thanks to its polystyrene structure, it offers excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. It also integrates into the wall, being hidden from view

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