High security aluminium shutter Blockalum 60

Its size makes it suitable for numerous installations, always with the intention of achieving high security standard. The intermediate block protects against unauthorised raising

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High security aluminium shutter Blockalum 95

With its self-blocking intermediate rod system that exerts pressure on the guides, this is the perfect solution when very high security standards are required for businesses such as jewellers, banks and ground floor homes. An excellent choice for large openings of up to 6 metres.

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Maxisegur-78 Aluminium security shutter

Recommended when you need to offer privacy inside your business or home. It also protects from inclement weather, high and low temperatures and blocks out light.

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Maxisegur-100 Aluminium security shutter

This model can be installed in very large gaps. A straight, discreet blind achieves a modern, balanced look.

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Ecosegur-100 aluminium security shutter

This model is specifically designed for achieving large dimensions without excessive weight. Just like the Maxisegur 100, it has a straight, elegant appearance. Suitable for punching and for dye sublimation printing.

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Ec-60 aluminium security shutter

Slats suitable for small gaps. This lightweight product is suitable for installation in small entrances and exits used by vehicles and pedestrians.

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Minicur -77 foam filled aluminium shutter

An economical range manufactured in foam filled aluminium with high density polyurethane, it provides a primary barrier for your business or garage, as well as thermal and acoustic insulation for your interior. All this at an economical price and adapted to customers wanting a basic blind.

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Aluminium shutter Maxisegur-80

Aluminium straight slat with attractive and formal character. Perfect for detached houses, garage doors and commercial places. Its straight design makes it the best choice for outdoor winding systems.

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